Presencia Haren Alde en el mundo
- Principal centers of field work
Haren Alde´s field work is centered in some concrete areas where the social work of the Recollect missionaries (both men and women) is more intense, because of the special characteristics of these regions:

- Brazil: states of Acre, Ceara, Para, and Rio de Janeiro.
- Colombia: Trinidad and Llanos de Casanare.
- Ecuador: Guamote.
- Guatemala: Santa Cruz del Quiche.
- Panama: Bocas del Toro.
- Peru: Chota, Cajamarca and Chachapoyas.
- The Popular Republic of China: Henan.
- Sierra Leone: Biriwa Chiefdom, Bombali District.
- Venezuela: Atapirire.

- Institutional Presence
The most important institutional presence is carried out in Spain, which, besides the central office being in Madrid, there are delegations from the following Autonomous Communities:

- Andalusia
- Aragon
- Castilla La Mancha
- Castilla Leon
- Community of Madrid
- Community of Valencia
- La Rioja
- Navarre
- The Basque Country
Clase de redacción en Filipinas
Editing class. Philippines.
Haren Alde´s presence in the world are of two types, depending on its mission to create links between developed societies and developing ones:

- In some countries its presence is institutional and connects with other foundations, institutions, companies, public administrations and private persons who collaborate in the development of the population, human rights or the attainment of the millennium objectives defined by the United Nations.

- In other countries its presence is channelled in the starting-up of those social projects, its formulation, design, management and funding according to the program and to the type of auditing previously established in agreement with the financiers.

Preparación OKP. Sierra Leona.
OKP preparation. Sierra Leone.
In some places its presence is mixed, institutional, as well as, field work, especially where a stable economic development is already operative, but still strong inequalities between regions and social group exist.

Given its intimate relation with the Augustinian Recollects Family, Haren Alde is present in places where some communities belonging to this family or associated with it exist. The central office of this organization is found in Spain, in Madrid, the country where this NGOd was born in 1992.

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