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In this dialogue the time has come for you to make us know of your offer of help. Fill in the web form that we show you and we would get in touch with you so that, if it is at all possible, we could have a personal interview with you and indicate to you how we could continue forward with our common objectives.

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Haren Alde likes to establish a dialogue with you. Once you have gone through our web page and get to know who we are, what we do, what we aim for and where to find us, the decisive moment has come: What can we do together-meaning you and us?

Our intention is harness our collective will. You know very well the reality that we are part of, a world where we need more social justice, a better quality of life, more development in terms of peoples and cultures and more awareness of the human dignity.

We try to do all these, but as a channel of communications between you and the people who, beyond borders and oceans, need a push for their own growth.

What we offer is a real infrastructure, competent people in the place where the project is being undertaken, knowledge and experience in getting along with indigenous cultures, and reliable means of making your collaboration more effective, direct and adapted to your possibilities.

Our work is to make the best of the “here” and “there” in order to unite them into a common objective. That´s why we need you, because without people like you, it would be impossible to create a solidarity chain and connect these two worlds.

Only you know of your capabilities, knowledge and assets; and only you can decide the best way to help us. Among many ways and solutions we propose to you these:

Haren Alde fair of the solidarity in the Augustinian School, Madrid. Representative and volunteer group.
- Be a member of Haren Alde
You can share us your ideas, opinions, plans, etc. In our ways of being and doing, now that we have introduced ourselves to you, you will find a space for active participation in the daily life of our Association.

The members collaborate with our objectives by means of their professional support, offering us the possibility that Haren Alde have fix income through a monthly contribution; they have access to our accounts and see to it that we fulfill our obligations. Your presence would provide, one way or another, a form of checking( self-control) on us and demanding transparency on management issue.

Children sponsored with the project Children in the School, Saint Monica School, Breves (Brazil).
- Be a part of our sponsorship program
The projects “Estrella” (“Star” in Castilian Spanish) and “Niño en la escuela” (“A child in school”) are a constant and direct form of helping , “peer to peer”, in which the sponsor continually gets to know about the improvement of the life of the beneficiary. The possibility of a close human contact offers the benefactor the best knowledge of the daily reality of the beneficiary and of the use of the help deposited in favor of the beneficiary.

There are various forms of carrying out this sponsorship and diverse possibilities of getting the resources to the other end, and adapting practically to every person and domestic economy (financial situation) so that anybody who would like to help could do so at anytime.

Pikines I Project, in the quest for the nutritional security by mean of green houses. Biriwa (Sierra Leone).
- Be a benefactor of concrete projects
Throughout the year Haren Alde presents many projects for public and private entities to co-finance. In all these there is always a certain percentage destined for private contributors, as the official institutions don´t usually cover all the expenses of the projects.

Haren Alde can inform you every year of all these projects that are being undertaken and presented to diverse institutions, so that if you so desire, you can collaborate with your donations. You will receive complete information of the use of the resources that you would have contributed to and you can select among the wide range of projects (education, health, women´s and children´s rights, environmental issues) which are in accord with your sensibilities.

- Voluntary works and international cooperation
Haren Alde accepts volunteers to work in the institutional offices as well as in field work, that is, in the aid-focused areas. Your knowledge, assessments and company are important in our line of work. If this is the way you want to help, we will find the place for you and the more appropriate way to carry out this personal help project to others.

In some projects we consider the presence of an expatriate collaborator, somebody who can dedicate a significant part of his/her time (more than six months) to a direct support to projects in the very field of work. You can send us your CV( bio-data) and proposal, if you wish to help in this way, so that you will be included in our data base and be informed when an opportunity comes up for a specific person in your professional sphere.

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