- XII Encounter of the NGOD, Haren Alde, Coordinators of Autonomous Communities in Zaragossa asks a firm and clear answer from the public authorities against inequality and poverty.
01-12-2014 Zaragossa, Spain
On the 14th and 16th of November the X11 Annual Encounter of the network of Coordinators of the NGOD with the participation of 35 representatives form 16 Autonomous Communities was held. The representative of Aragon is also the delegate of Haren Alde in Aragon.
Haren Alde formed part of the organizers of the event as it participated actively in the FAS, acronym in Spanish of Aragon Federation of Solidarity , the entity that hosted the encounter. There have been six meetings attended by Haren Alde together with the coordinator of the NGOD in Aragon whose responsibility is to maintain a link and a voice in the relation with the Government Board of FAS.

At the end of the Encounter a declaration, which is transcribed below, revealed the progressive dismantling of social rights and political solidarity in the national as well as in the local and autonomous levels.

This has repercussion in the increase of inequality and poverty, in the growing violation of the rights of man and in the loss of confidence of the citizens in institutions and in political representatives and general discontentment proven by series of statistics.

The Coordinators of the NGOD in Spain are aware of the possibility of stopping these problems modifying the way of carrying out politics, enforcing sustainable development and the respect for Human Rights in the whole world.

This NGO has strengthen its commitment in insisting together with other socially involved people that the Administrations and Institutions with powers of decisions move in the defense of public policies of cooperation and social and citizens rights. It´s necessary that a society guarantees the universal social and human rights as a priority in the public and political sectors.

Final Declaration of the X11 Annual Encounter
of the network of NGOD Coordinators of the Autonomous Communities.

Against the dismantling of social rights and political solidarity.

The city of Zaragossa hosted the X11 Encounter of the NGOD Coordinators from the Autonomous Communities with participation of 35 representatives of 17 Autonomous Communities in Spain.

The conclusions of the work realized in this Encounter reiterated the demand of the NGOD from the local and autonomous government so that they give a firm answer to the issues concerning the increase in poverty and inequality, the violation of Human Rights in and out of our borders, the lack of trust in our institutions and in the political representatives and the general discontent.

There is an urgency to carry out another form of politics and other forms of constructing a model of coexistence in the local and global level that can drive forward Sustainable Human Development and that can guarantee human rights in the whole world.

This NGOD continues and will continue working in every corner of the state and hand in hand with other agencies in defending and demanding that the political representatives should have as their priority in the task of government the construction of this model of living together.

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