- The Parish of St. Florentina of Madrid celebrated Solidarity Heart Day with a concert.
03-12-2014 Madrid, Spain
The Choral Group Brisa Rociera presented the concert during which 200 people attended. Afterwards there was a conference to arouse awareness of the projects of the NGO Haren Alde in Peru using videos and personal testimonies of people.
The Solidarity Heart Day celebratead last 15th of November in the Parish of St. Florentina in the barrio of San Blas in Madrid a concert organized by the Augustinian Recollect NGO Haren Alde. .

The musical group "Brisa Rociera", of the Confraternity of Madrid performed in the Lopez Vicuña School of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate that offered its auditorium to get as much audience as possible.

Approximately 200 people from San Blas barrio and the parishioners of The Augustinian Recollect parish of ST. Florentina enjoyed two and a half hours of exquisite songs dedicated to the Virgin Mary known in Spain as “Rocieras.”

During the interval the public was shown expositions of the social projects undertaken by Haren Alde in Peru and were given information about the Works of the NGO in these underprivileged zones specially in Peru. There were testimonies to arouse awareness of the significance of the project. Severiano de Cáceres, representative of the Province of San José de Augustinian Recollects in the Board of Directors of the NGO conducted this part of the program.
The Sunday before another Solidarity Heart Day was held with Eucharistic celebration during which were explained the educational projects of the Augustinian Recollects in the Philippines which has lately been affected by terrible natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons.

The parishioners of the highly populated barrio of San Blas actively participated in all the activities which lasted all day joining in prayer for a just world , understanding better the value of solidarity and the defense of human rights and supporting through donations or buying something in the little bazaars put up.

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