- The Castilla y Leon Haren Alde and the College of St. Augustin of Valladolid held an intense December benefit activities like concerts, theaters, races and sales bazaars.
15-12-2014 Valladolid, Spain
These events have had the collaboration of the Association of Cultural Wishes- Morterudos Theater, the municipal band of La Cistiérniga ( Valladolid) , Parents Teachers Association of the St. Augustin College, Plenum Clinic, Valladolid Athletics, RunvaSport and Coca Cola.
The NGOD of the Augustian Recollects, Haren Alde, at its mother house in Castilla y León, situated in the Colege of St Augustine of Valladolid, carried out an intense campaign of solidarity activities in the first weeks of December in collaboration with diverse cultural, sports and business entities.

3rd of December at seven o´clock in the afternoon, the Cívic Center José María Luelmo of Valladolid presented a theater performance in Spanish , “Dos entremeses y un paso”, a performance by the Cultural Association Old Wishes – MorterudosTheater.

The three short Works have messages clothed in humor about jealousy, castles in the air, grandiose plans and the folly of love. The entrance was free and filled to capacity, but those who could. left two euros donation or drop in at a solidarity Bazaar organized by Haren Alde selling gift articles. The money raised will go to the missions of the Augustinian Recollects in Sierra Leona.

This misión was also the beneficiary of the St. Augustin solidarity race celebrataed last 5th of December from 12 to 1:30 pm and organized in collaboration with Valladolid Atletismo, Clínica Plenum, RunvaSport andCoca Cola.

The registration cost five euros. It was a three-kilometer race in which many young people participated as well as members of the educational community of the College of St. Augustin in an effort of improving the situation of many families in this West African region which has been on focus in the media, but still having serious public health problems.

Last 3rd of December a Christmas Concert was held performed by the Municipal Band of La Cistérniga (Valladolid) and organized with the Parents Teachers Association of St. Agustín College. The beneficiaries are the African Mission and the Brazilian Amazon.

Along with the concert the monitors of the youngsters group Sbagus organized work shops for the little ones at the same time that the adults enjoyed Christmas Carols and theme songs from films. Again Haren Alde set up a sales bazaar open to the public.

This little bazaar is open all year round in the mother house of Haren Alde Castilla y Leon in the St. Augustin College in 38 Madrid Avenue , Valladolid.

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