- Haren Alde fights tuberculosis in the Philippines
22-12-2014 Bacólod, Negros Occ., Philippines
The Project managed by the Servants of Mary and would be carried out in the St. Ezequiel Moreno of Handumanan (Bacolod, Philippines) and it is focusing on contracting one doctor more, information workshop and the follow up of the sick so that this illness would cease to be resistant.
The Augustinian Recollect Order and the Servants of Mary signed in 2010 an agreement of collaboration in which this congregation of women would be in charge of the organization and administration of the ST. Ezequiel Moreno Clinic which is also a part of the Handumanan Augustinian Recollect project in Bacolod Cty in Negros Occidental in the Philippines.

Handumanan is a Project of resettlement of families from slum districts or living in miserable housing. For this purpose an authentic city with diverse public services, including medical assistance within the ST. Ezequiel Moreno Clinic has been constructed.

Haren Alde,theAugustinian Recollect NGO has chosen the Philippines as a priority objective for the period 2014-2015, as the country is strongly linked historically with the Augustinian Recollect Family and is one of the provinces of the Order, the Province of St. Ezequiel Moreno. It has a women´s missionary Congregation, the Augustinian Recollect Sisters. The family also counts on students and youth groups, universities and lay fraternities.

The Philipines has suffered lots of natural catastrophes like earthquakes and typhoons the last happening this month of December. Support in the educational and medical sectors are priorities in these circumstances.

Haren Alde is focusing the project concretely on fighting tuberculosis that the Servants of Mary has carried out in the St. Ezequiel Moreno clinic. The project includes the purchase of complete treatment for adults and children against this illness. The treatment for infants includes nine months of intake of Rifampicina, Pyrazinamida and Isoniazida and vitamin B with a total unit cost of 6,000 Philippine pesos (110 dollars). For an adult the complete treatment costs 9,000 Philippine pesos ( 172 euros).

Moreover , before treatment, diagnosis is needed for which three x-ray plates are necessary . The complete diagnosis cost 450 pesos(about 8 euros)

The Mortal Bacillus

All over the world there are two million deaths a year from tuberculosis. Although the illness has cure about 5,000 people die from it every year. 98% of this occur in developing countries. Besides tuberculosis is the immediate cause of death of those with HIV, immune deficiency virus.

With the lack of medical attention tuberculosis will kill about 35 millon people in 20 years and the rate increases by 1% yearly. One of the difficulties is that it attacks the most vulnerable people who suffer from poverty and malnutrition. Half of the cases in the world occurs in six Asian countries: Bangladesh, China, The Philippines, India, Indonesia y Pakistán.

The Project that Haren Alde has with The Servants of Mary includes the hiring of another doctor for the St. Ezequiel Clinic in order to extend the hours of medical attention; the establishment of information workshop for the general population, specific workshops for the infirmed in order to be able to apply the correct treatment and avoid that the illness gets “multiresistant” and a detailed follow up of 100 of the patients undergoing treatment.

The barrio of Handumanan there are 18,000 people with low income, high rate of unemployment , unstable income, widespread miserable standard of living and high rate of criminality. The project began by the Augustinian Recollects has decreased the number of cases of injustice, but there is still a lot to be done.

A Spreading Illness

The St. Ezequiel Moreno Clinic attends to many families that can´t afford treatment and hospitalization of the public services that offer only staff but neither medicine nor treatments.The Philippines has 500 cases of tuberculosis for every 100, 000 inhabitants: everyday 75 Filipinos die from this illness and it is estimated that 32 % of the population are infected by this bacillo although not all develop the illness.
This project benefits 100 sick people directly and 1,000 people indirectly of the 36,000 people in the barrios of Handumanan and Felisa of the city of Bacolod to whom medical services are given at the cost of 21, 472 euros which are paid to the doctors, meet the cost of medical materials, complete treatments, didactic materials, workshops and nutritional supplements during the year.

Actaully the St. Ezquiel Moreno clinic also carries out programs for dental attention and chronic illness like hypertension and diabetes

Aralene´s Testimony

Arlene Dapilos is one of the beneficiaries of tuberculosis treatment program. Here is her story.

“I´m a domestic help and have three children: Ivan one year old, Maricel, three and Princess eleven. My husband is a driver and last year he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was getting weak.
He needed to work and sometimes he couldn´t take the medicine as there was no money for medicine. He was coughing and our children started getting weaker as well.

The doctor said that my children were in the primary stage of TB and my husband in an advanced stage. There are many families in the same situation.
Thanks to the St.Ezequiel Moreno Clinic they
received treatment and my husband could start working again . That´s why I pray that the clinic goes on functioning so that more families can avail of the services.”

Arlene Dapilos, Handumanan, Bacólod City

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