- Cultural visit in solidarity spirit in Granada, Spain
10-01-2015 Granada, Espanha
Haren Alde Granada, with the collaboration of the Augustinian Recollects Youth Group of the city, offers tourists a cultural visit of the city with solidarity spirit through the Facebook.
Spain is the third country in the world that receives the most foreign tourists after France and the United States, and in 2014 once again it surpassed its record with 63 million visitors. Many cities are full of artistic, cultural and historical treasures.

Granada is one of them, with her great monuments and rich history that reveals the last Muslim reign in medieval Spain and countless legends and histories that have left their marks along the streets.

Haren Alde Andalusía, with the collaboration with the Augustinian Recollects youth group, has taken advantage of the social networks to carry out this tempting offer: guided tour through the most picturesque areas of the Granada capital, el Albaicin.

After contacting the webpage, Visita Solidaria Granada de Facebook, the group gets together with the Augustinian Recollects Youth Group (JAR ) of the Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish of the augustinian Recollects, to accompany them.

The visit provides a chance to inspire awareness of social justice among the tourists and the task that the Augustinian Recollects carry out in her missions throughout the world. Games are introduced and the ones who get the answer right will receive little gifts made in the Philippines, Brazil and Sierra Leone.

“We would like to establish a two-way relationship with places affected by the lack of social welfare , at the same time culturally enriching the people who collaborate with some funds during these solidarity visits in Granada,” the organizer points out.

During the present course the common objective which is commented upon during the visits around Granada is the aid to the Philippines. For this end 1,000 euros has been raised for the health campaign and the fight against tuberculosis in the Philippines.

Would you like to visit Granada, know the history and legends of Albaicin at the same time exercise your solidarity spirit? So contact this webpage: you will enjoy and you will have that comforting effects of a solidarity spirit.

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