- More than two tons of food--the final result of the “Operation Kilo” of the San Augustine College of Valladolid.
16-01-2015 Valladolid, Spain
This initiative was carried out some weeks before Christmas with a great campaign of gathering unperishable food and toys for all the classrooms with the collaboration of JAR (Augustinian Recollect Youth) distributed by the solidarity centers of Valladolid, Palencia and Angola.
This tons of food collected during the weeks before Christmas by the volunteers from the College of St. Augustine of Valladolid were distributed by Cáritas of the parishes of Santo Torribio, La Pilarica and Holy Family as well as the Asociación Alegría the barrio of San Pedro, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Augustinian nuns with the mobility that exists in the country. To fight the spread of ébola, materials will be sent to Angola.

Almost all the toys were given to the Sisters of the Cross in the barrio of Delicias, later distributed by the Three Kings during the parade organized by this women´s congregation for the more needy families.

Colegio San Agustín – Haren Alde Castilla y León – Augustinian Recollect Youth
Operación Kilo 2014


• Potatoes: 10 sacks.
• Rice: 435 kilos.
• Pasta: 378
• Lentils: 223 kilos.
• White beans: 168 kilos.
• Tinned food: 167 kilos.
• Sugar: 149 kilos.
• Chick peas: 145 kilos.
• Biscuits: 108 kilos.
• Cooking oil: 83 kilos.
• Milk: 74 kilos.
• Miscellaneous: 60 kilos.
• Sweets: 45 kilos.
• Babies´milk formula: 28 kilos.
• Notebooks and other school materials: 26 kilos.
• Flour: 18 kilos.
• Coffee: 17 kilos.
— TOTAL: 2.055 kilos.


— Poor Claires Astudillo (Palencia): 726 Kg. for Angola.
— Parish of Santo Toribio, barrio de Delicias, Valladolid: 375 Kg.
— Parish of la Pilarica: 224 Kg.
— Sisters of the Cross: 175 Kg., 8 sacks of potatoes and toys
— Asociación Alegría, Barrio de San Pedro: 150 Kg. And 2 sacks of potatoes
— Augustinian sisters of Palencia: 145 Kg.
— Asociación de la Alegría, Barrio de La Rondilla: 140 Kg.
— Holy Family Parish: 110 Kg.

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