- Haren Alde presents the members, godfathers, benefactors and friends and the organization´s results in 2014.
11-02-2015 Madrid, Spain
Through the informative tryptich the NGOD of the Augustinian Recollects has recorded the support of those who made many of the Order´s social projects possible. The president of Haren Alde, the Augustinian Recollect Manuel Fernandez, is also sending a letter of gratitude.
Many keys to open many locks

We have started 2015 with the illusion of counting on another year of making our world a better place through the most difficult task and the most important challenge of being human:education.The Augustinian Reccolect family and Haren Alde believe that education is the way towards liberation, growth and the future for people, the key that can open the the lock of the chain that imprison many lives in the circle of poverty, inequality and hopelessness.

You,as members of Haren Alde, do agree with us. Your resources, your effort and solidarity have enabled us to convert them into the keys that open other locks. Your support, your affection and collaboration have encourage us to continue.

Nothing is easy for anybody . We know that every penny of what you have given for the the benefactor program counts. Along with this tryptich of gratitude we send a form, so that we could help alleviate the weight of your fiscal tax. We recognize and grateful for your efforts, interest and voluntary solidarity.

The children for whom the program is dedicated don´t have easy lives Their family and social environment are difficult. However, they have decided to grow , find that key to the future for a better future, freer with education that would permit them to think for themselves, grow for the better and give back , when they are adults, to society what they have received from you: Hope.

Our contacts in each and every place where there are children who have benefactors don´t have easy lives either. They combine their work as representatives of the children in the program with pastoral,social, evangelical tasks. They live and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week dedicated to being witnesses, as religious, that a better world is possible and everyone has the responsibility of growing and fighting for the good, even when the circumstances are difficult.

The NGOD, Haren Alde don´t have things easy either. We would like a better environment where development aid be a priority for those in the government, where society is united in getting rid of inequality, where the resources to make a better world would exceed the resources spent on wars, arms and unnecessary luxury.

Thank you for being there. For making easy the lives of those beneficiaries, the liaisons (the contacts) that we of the NGOD are managing. Thanks for believing in what we are doing and supporting us. Thanks for the growth in people through your solidarity. This new year we are continuing our work in education- a long range Project which doesn´t always show immediate results, but we know that it´s the key to open the lock.

Manuel Fernández, Augustinian Recollect
President, Haren Alde.

“Trust in our work: these families really need your support.”

Cleto Millán is an Augustinian Recollect who, for many years,has been responsibles for and has been our contact in the beneficiary program in Portel (Marajó Island, Brazil). We have requested him to say some words to our benefactors.

Dear Benefactors: Peace and Goodwill to all:

I´m Cleto Millán, an Augustinian Recollect missionary. I´ve been working for 16 years in Marajó, a fluvial island in the mouth of the Amazon river in the Brazilian state of Pará.

Beside my pastoral and evangelical works, I´m also responsible for the Project Estrella here in Portel where I live. I´m happy to be in touch with you.

I would like to thank you for your help to these 192 children and others in different places. Every month we give out your money for food that is most important to these poor families that often have difficulty feeding themselves.

The majority of the fathers of these children are jobless and rely only to what the government give, about 100 euros a month. This is a place with difficult communication system, no infrastructure, no industry nor any relevant commercial enterprise. We live in a natural Paradise where life is totally complicated.

We have a monthly encounter with our benefactors often with the presence of parents and tutors. These are ocassions which we take advantage to give talks about various topics, pray, sing and get to know how school is going and what the real situation is with the families. We offer snacks to the children.

Here in Portel i work with 22 volunteers and the help for these families come in 85 cases from Spain and 85 from Rio de Janeiro. The volunteers carry on the family visits and receive parents and children during these encounters, thus getting to know them better.
I would like to ask you to trust us and continue supporting our benefactor Project , because it is worth it. It´s the the children and parents who need it and we would like to assure you that these children are schooled and have all the necessary things to go on and we supervise family situation and see to it that all is right.

May The Lord pour out blessings on you, love in your heart and recompense you for all your help to these children in Portel.
Fr. Cleto Millán, OAR

2014: The Data

1.In 2014 There were 1,560 minors benefited by the programs of godfathership in Argentina, Brasil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, The Philippines, Guatemala, Panamá, Perú, República Dominicana, Sierra Leona and Venezuela. The benefactors ( the godfathers) come from Spain and Brazil and with you we have obtained a total of 294.016€, carefully apportioned to the aid and follow-up of those beneficiaries.

2. We´ve also had diverse donors, personal as well as communitary and institutional some of which specify that their money be directed to specific , concrete projects. Thus a group of 28 donors have dedicated 30, 715 euros to the misión in Kankintu in Panama that preferentially look after the native population of Ngöbe.Other 50 donors have given 42,250 euros (unaccounted for activities pending closing time) to diverse projects in the Philippines(2) Panama (1) and Brazil(1).

3. An big group of 85 members have together contributed 8,500 euros, specifically destined to help out in the emergency in the Philippines after several catasthropes that this country suffered. The Augustinian-Recollect family made a special plea at the beginning of the year given the scope of the humanitarian disasters in the wake of the typhoon Hayan called Yolanda in other islands.

Major Projects in 2014

1. Kankintú Mission: We work on education, health and in the areas of infrastrutures and communications in the region of Panama in the Atlantic Coast where the Gnöbe people work in their traditional, natural environement.They conserve their language and custom, but are isolated from the of the country, and lacking in public investment and economic subsistence. It´s a country of great natural beauty and rich natural resources. It consists of islands and coastal areas and mountains inaccesible by land ,and with great rivers and lakes. The Augustinian Recollects have brought to this people a gift of education from primary school to university, special education , maternal and infant care and with great attention to the struggle against malnutrition and constructions of roads and bridges.

2. United against tuberculosis. Handumanan is a Project with attention to social issues in the health center San Ezequiel Moreno, run by the Servants of Mary nuns. This Project attempts to fight tuberculosis by contracting doctors for the center , purchase of diagnostic instruments and treatments and courses to make them aware that the improper use of medication can cause illnesses that resist medication.

3. Nutritional Reinforcement for the students of San Ezekiel Moreno College in Liminangcong (Taytay, Palawan, Filipinas). Run by the Augustinian Recollect Nuns this educational center has seen the great lack of food and balance diet among the students . It is necessary to fill up this nutritional scarcity through reinforce food program that will permit their families to overcome the critical situation they´re in.

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