- Solidarity Angels for the Evenings on the streets of Belem, Brazil
06-03-2015 Belem, Brazil
A group of volunteers from diverse professions and different health sectors and social assistance proposes to bring to homeless and drug-dependents in the capital of the Brazilian state of Pará hot meals, chats and conversations and emergency attention.
The group “Solidarity Angels” of Belém do Pará ( Brazil) composed of 25 people whose chief objective is the (homeless) people living in the streets in the capital of Brazil, one of the most violent area, the northern region, the least developed in the country.

Among the volunteers are three cooks, a doctor of medicine, five nurses, a social worker and a psychologist, and emergency personalized attention, and management of aid and public attention in other institutions.

Moreover it has been proposed that at least once a year on the Eve of the Feast of the Three Kings, a big dinner of typical dishes, fruit and juice to which the homeless of the city would be invited. This year the general prior of the Order, Miguel Miró, accompanied by the Augustinian Recollect, Antonio Rabanal, one of the organizers of the group.

The image of the homeless in the whole world carry a social stigma. This impedes that in many cases these people are seen as having no rights at all. Besides seen as living in permanent marginal place , in constant need in an ambient of continual hostility separates them from the general population.

The Solidarity Angels” was born inspired by the Church´s preference for the poor. Its objective is the pastoral and social attention of these people living in a precarious and vulnerable social situation, with the streets as their only home in a state of constant loneliness and fear.

Drug-dependence, domestic violence and family abandonment are some of the causes that have brought these people to this kind of life. The group approach them with food, clothes, health care, conversation, some stimuli so that they can help them overcome this situation of degradation.

Its objective is to visit these people at least once a week during the year with distribution of 8,400 meals with a budget of 840 euros monthly for food and 625 euros for kitchen materials for the preparation and things for its distribution

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