- Valladolid releases a video showing students speaking, explaining and doing solidarity work with the Mission in Labrea.
13-03-2015 Valladolid, Spain
The duration is 23:28 minutes and follows the format of TV news broadcast and it stars the students of the Augustinian Recollect School of Leon, a region of Castille,Spain. It presents the reality in the Amazon area, surveys and interviews of missionaries and first shown during the last benefit dinner for Labrea.

The chroma-key permits the students to travel virtually until the Brazilian Amazon to present “live” from each of these places. Irene from Labrea tells the History of the mission of the place and the particularity of the region, its society and its reality.

The 20th anniversary of the Labrea Center is the main information. It explains the motives of the the Foundation and its success in 20 years of direct assistance to the minors and teenagers facilitating their semiprofessional training, their well-directed education and sound recreation.

tells about the realities in Pauiní, another town where Hope Center can be found recently refurbished and built with a sports complex center recently inaugurated with the funding from Valladolid.

Elena and Víctor interview the Augustinian Recollect Juan Vicario Cruz who for years worked in the Amazon missions and, at present,a teacher and adviser of a school of the NGO Haren Alde of the Augustinian Recollect in its Delegation in Castilla y León in Spain. It also describes the day to day of a student in one of the Hope Centers in the Amazons.

Andrea sends a virtual greeting to all from Tapaua informing of the uniqueness of the Hope Center of the town and the realities of the place.

One of the emotional moments was when the broadcast took photos of the school and did a survey of the students in order to evaluate their knowledge. Juan Cruz tells of his experience and the motive of the Church in deciding to focus on the training and education of the young in the Centers of HOPE, the mission in Labrea, the solidarity work and the missionaries. Miguel, Sergio and Lucía conduct the interviews of the little ones under the title “Great Experts.

Lastly André presents meteorological information in a special manner: a storm of solidarity actions and hope from Valladolid , in the center of Spain to the Brazilian localities of Lábrea, Tapauá and Pauini, in the center of the Amazonian jungle.

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