- Easter in Haren Alde, your NGOD: at the breaking of the bread and the sharing of the wine
05-04-2015 Madrid, Spain
Easter is a time of joy and fellowship; this most important feast of the Christians is also a feast of solidarity. Haren Alde would like to wish the joy of Easter which the disciples of Jesus, the Resurrected, are reliving.
All the Christian family live these days through the Easter Vigil, it´s the most important feast of the year. From the NGOD Haren Alde of the religious community of the Augustinian Recollect (religious, cloistered and active nuns) to every home of the Family, to every young heart in body or in spirit our sincere Greetings!

Easter is the primordial motive that we are here. Jesus has risen and inaugurated a new era. His followers along space and time has only one motive to live their Christian faith: Jesus has brought Life, in capital letter, to Humanity.

From the Easter vigil and the following 50 days the Church remembers in a special way and recalls “ the narration of the appearances”. They are the written testimonies left to us that Jesus resurrected by the Father, visits his Friends and left them before going back to the Father visible marks of life.

We focus on those which have more tenderness and more poetic visión On the way to Emaus, Jeus “join” two of His disciples , accompanying them and conversing, laughing making the tiring hours under the Palestinian sun bearable and happier . But His disciple didn´t know who He was .Neither his voice, nor his face, nor his way of walking and conversing couldn´t make him recognizable to them. They recognize that he was Jesus by an almost trivial gesture, simple and ordinary but filled with strenght and forceful imagery: sitting down to eat, Jesus broke the bread.

In Portuguese, one of the languages of the Recollect family and a language linked to many of our projects and solidarity programs, there is a beautiful expression “ at last we took note of something.”In the old telephones before the coming of the mobile and the whatsapp,when the call was on and you could speak to the other party, the money fell and the machine started charging. “The token falls” is now a popular expression to transmit the feeling that at that momento you take notice of something which was all the time right before your noses.

“The token fell” so to speak. The disciple recognized Him ,when Jesus took the bread, broke the bread and shared it. This is an image we could apply to our Easter of 2015—break the bread and share it, making Jesus alive and real again, walking with the people that are feeling tired and making the journey more bearable.

Our Easter Greetings is an opportunity to ask that “ our tokens fall” (an Iberian expression meaning that our eyes open in recognition), that we fulfil the call of the Resurrection, that we make Jesus present among us. How? The same way, breaking and sharing bread, our time, our capacities, our moments of prayer, our resources, our joy, our resources, our ears.

Haren Alde and the Augustinian Recollect family walk with thousands of people. A lot of countries, parishes, colleges, missions, formation centers, social works. But let´s make Jesus present with us during our walk, “let´s make the “token fall” for our companions that they may recognize Him when we make the gesture of breaking and sharing bread, time, sweat and efforts.

We never lack Company. Near or far, they are all children of God. People who we ourselves have evangelized breaking and sharing bread like godfathers,collaborators,volunteers, friends. Nothing´s left; everything on the table has been shared.

 In 2014 this gesture of breaking has been done with another esencial element:Water.Some of the principal projects in 2014 in Peru and other solidarity Works of the Augustinian Recollect family lately in other places are of great Easter element, giving life and health in many communities.

Morevover in Spain water has been a topic of social awareness among youngsters in school and in exhibitions and solidarity bazaars. Another example of presenting Jesus live!

We send these Easter Greetings to all for the joy of this Great Feast, giving thanks to more disciples who like and desire to break bread and share wáter with us—more and more bread, more and more wáter. There are more and more roads to travel, more and more tables to prepare.

The Cross, the suffering, the torture and the killing were not the last Word.Jesus has still to walk with His people, make that little but important gesture that would save that suffering:Love. Yes,the Word is over-used, but the meaning and the motive are fresh. We hope that the joy of Easter would encourage us to break bread and share it.In Haren Alde we propose more tables to prepare, more Wells to dig, more people to accompany along the way. Would you dare take up the task?

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