- Haren Alde presents Solidarity Heart Puzzle for United Awareness in the Education
26-03-2015 Madrid, Spain
It´s about the Education proposal for Development that the Augustinian Recollect NGOD Haren Alde is presenting to the education centers of the Augustinian Recollect Family. It is trying to carry it out in the Primary Education clases.
The NGOD of the Augustinian Recollect , Haren Alde, has just presented a new iniciative, education for development and solidarity awareness in the classrooms of the primary schools of the Augustinian Recollect Family called Solidarity Heart Puzzle”.

It´s an educational material set up around some concrete resources, a puzzle that every classroom has to complete within a determined time. This will give a motive for reflection among the students and teachers about the importance of education in the development of people and society.

The images that make up the puzzle are familiar to the students. On one hand it shows the “mapamundi recoleto” ( world map of the Recollect family) and the places, where the Augustinian Recollect and the NGOD, Haren Alde, are present, are pointed out as well as the general concrete data about their presence.

On the other hand the students will see their own schools with many others in the Augustinian Recollect family scattered all over the world. Moreover whoever completes the puzzle will add their names, so that they will feel part of the Family and get united with other children in the world.

The puzzle attempts to serve as a point of reflection in the classroom about the importance of education as a fundamental right; the lack of access to real education of quality for children in the world with the question of what to do about it.

Besides all the above, the students will be able to participate voluntarilly in the ,Project of development, completing piece by piece this puzzle. A way of studying in depth justice and equality in the world.

This game, which every school can adapt according to its convenience, consists of two puzles which every classroom must complete. For its work of promoting awareness and education for development, support materials can be obtained from the network set-up by the Catholic NGODs to which Haren Alde belongs to with the motive of promoting the campaign “Africa, a question owed, a question of Life”. Such teaching materials are for the first, second, third cycles of the primary grades—videos to promote awareness that Haren Alde can provide through DVD, etc.

At the start of the course and after receiving the puzzle, the students would receive the pieces with which to complete it through a donation of one euro, as a way of sharing , as well as a message to the children of other learning centers that cooperate in this campaign. After completing the puzzle the course, the classroom and the names of the participants are added in some spaces reserved.

At the end of the course an exhibition could be held with all the puzles completed by every educational center and then later on they coud be hung in the classroom as a chart with the mapamundi ( world map) on one side (puzzle 1) and photos of the colleges of the ARO family ( puzzle 2)

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