- Launched in English, Spanish and Portugues the materials of the Solidarity from the Heart 2015 Day
08-10-2015 Rome, Italy
After the announcement of the prior general of the Order, the NGO Haren Alde is now offering to all the ministries of the Augustinian Recollects in three languages the materials for the joint celebration of the Solidarity from the Heart Day next November the 8th. This is the guide for downloading such materials.
Sunday, the 8th of November, 2015 has been declared as the Solidarity from the Heart Day by the Prior General of the Augustinian Recollect Order, Fr. Miguel Miró, who also proposed that it should be carried out in all aspects of ministries.

The NGOD of the Augustinian Recollect family, Haren Alde, has been charged with organizing and realizing the day whose ends and principles the Prior General has designated with the protocol number 103/2015 of the convocation day.

We present to you some of the specifics and some materials for its organization.

Motto: “Human Rights, Our Brothers´Rights.

Celebration in the parishes and ministries of sacramental and parochial character: Sunday, 8 November, 2015

Celebration in schools and educational centers: you can decide between the week before or the week after; in the schools Holy Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, the 8th.


1: Poster for the Day. It´s designed in A2 size, so that it can be easily printed in smaller sizes common in local printers, as A3 or A4. This depends on the space that the group ministry has available. We recommend that they will have been ready two weeks before the celebration day in places they could be visibly displayed. Printing them in original form is not costly, and there are graphic reproduction centers that give special prices.

2: Document for reflection for the Community/Parochial council/ educational pastoral team. We urge you to use this document a month before the celebration Day, first with the religious community, and later, depending on the place, with the team of appropriate lay people. It´s about explaining what the Solidarity from the Heart Day is and what it aims for, and launching questions so that the community/ the ministry can respond with the best way to carry out this Day.

3: Liturgical Script. The Solidarity from the Heart Day is a spiritual celebration for the Missions, the missionaries, social works, the volunteers and the beneficiaries of all these good works of the Augustinian Recollect Family all over the world and in various ways. The liturgical script is made for the Eucharistic Sunday on the 8th of November (take into account the readings) You can extract from it prayers for the encounters with pastoral groups, youth groups or school student.

4: Information about concrete projects of Solidarity from the Heart Day of 2015.

5: Envelops for gathering resources. In the parishes envelops are passed around for the offerings during the Eucharist.

Links for Download

Poster and Work Notebook Solidarity from the Heart 2015 in ENGLISH.
Cartel y Cuaderno de Trabajo Corazón Solidario 2015 en ESPAÑOL.
Cartaz e Caderno de Trabalho Coração Solidário 2015 em PORTUGUÊS.

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