- Presenting the annual report for 2015 for the NGOd of the Augustinian recollect family Haren Alde
16-03-2016 Madrid, Spain
The year 2015 is described in the report as the year of the Common Home, and stresses the various projects in which human ecology, like the care of the environment for the well-being of people in a sustainable way, has been key.
The Augustinian Recollect NGOd Haren Alde has just presented their 2015 Annual Report titled “The year of the Common Home”, in which they tell of the activities developed in the in the distinct areas of education, and through the many international delegations and Spanish local governments. This as well as an economic summary and many personal testimonies of the work carried out.

The report starts with a letter from the President of the NGOd, the Augustinian recollect Manuel Fernández, explaining the motivation around centring the report this year on human ecology.

In this way, during 2015 many activities have helped to classify this year as that of “the common home”: the definition of new objectives for sustainable development for the millennium, the celebration of the Paris Summit about climatic change or the publication of the most ecological encyclical in the history of the Church; the Laudato Si by Pope Francis.

“Many actions by Haren Alde and the Augustinian recollect family have, directly or indirectly, had as an objective care of the environment and human ecology. That is, in that preserving our planet becomes something which goes right through everything as a necessity; and in the last instance, for the life, health and happiness of everyone”, concludes the President of the NGOd.

Development projects and charitable actions

During 2015, Haren Alde has carried out five development projects in the Peruvian Andes, of access to water and healthier housing. Another two projects have been developed in rural communities in the Brazilian Amazon, and in Saint Monica`s Homes in Fortaleza for young girls and adolescents who have suffered from abuse.

Also they have finished charitable works in Brazil (2), the Philippines (3), Panama (2) and Venezuela (1), which have mainly attended to young children, health, safeguarding food supplies and the disabled.


In terms of sponsoring, in 2015 the activity Take and Read started, and the new protocol for Sponsors of the NGOd in fifteen centres in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. In another seven centres there are still adjustments and improvements to be made in order to realize the changes. The centres for sponsors in China and Sierra Leone will be helped for now on through charitable actions. Also a new programme has been developed in Tia Juana (Zuila, Venezuela).

Haren Alde has 1,293 young boys and girls being sponsored, with 762 godfathers/godmothers on a waiting list for 26 children. 445 children from the region of Marajo in Brazil are sponsored from Haren Alde Brazil, with sponsors from Rio de Janeiro.

In the report you can read the testimony of Alejandro, a history of overcoming difficulties in Columbia, who is at present studying at University after years taking part in the programme. Also there is offered the example of a young and enthusiastic volunteer from Cameta (Para, Brazil) in the story of fifteen-year-old Daniely. After taking part as a beneficiary of the programme he is now a volunteer involved in organizing the local sponsors project.

Natural Ecology, human ecology

Almost all of the social evangelization projects in the Augustinian recollect family have, directly or indirectly, an important part in natural and human ecology. So that people can have a dignified life they need around them a healthy and viable environment, where their health is not in danger and there is access to indispensable resources like water or food supplies.

The 2015 Annual Report takes from the magazine Canta y Camina a double page where some of these projects (water, school gardens, fish farms, recycling, reforestation, animal therapy, and participation in the Summit in Paris in 2015 on climate change), are explained in detail.

Delegations and Participation

The last part of the Haren Alde 2015 Report “The year of the common home” is dedicated to the specific activities in the International delegations of Haren Alde (Peru, Brazil and Panama) and in the Local Spanish governments where they are present (Andalucía, Aragón, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Euskadi, Madrid, Navarra, La Rioja).

Also they remind people that Haren Alde carried out an important task of working together cooperatively with the rest of the organizations in the third sector: private and public organizations, institutions and other NGOd`s and groups helping missionary work within the Augustinian recollect family.

There is also mentioned a proposal by the NGOd before the next General Chapter in October 2016 based on a significant increase in the collaboration, co-operation and co-ordination of all the NGOd`s and support groups within the Augustinian recollect family. This together with the creation of a particular Secretariat for the organization of charitable projects, working with religious in their various ministries.

Likewise, Haren Alde participates in organizing activities and campaigns under the protection of REDES, a network of NGO`s who come from a religious context in Spain. They offer in an informative way a summary of the NGOd`s from the Augustinian recollect family, like The Hope Centres  and  Fortaleza Aid.

Healthy economy

Haren Alde has had in 2015 a healthy economic report and has successfully passed two audits satisfactorily in the year 2013 and 2015. At the moment they are taking part in another audit, and shortly will receive the approval for 2015.

In the chapter on income, 43% of the income from the year 2015 has come from associates, sponsors and donors; 40% from campaigns, special days, sponsorship and the activities in the Delegations; and 17% from grants for the co-operation in development from private and public companies.

In terms of costs, 77% has been given to development projects, charitable actions and sponsoring children; 5% has been given to awareness activities, campaigns, educational development and other services; 16% has gone to human resources and organization; and 2% has gone to financial costs, repayments and tied up capital.

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