Unidos con Venezuela: tu ayuda es una luz de esperanza

22-08-2017 Rome, Italy
Venezuela, as is known by the international public opinion, is facing a serious crisis in which, in addition to weakening democratic institutions, the fundamental rights of its inhabitants have been severely affected.
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05-11-2014 Madrid, San Millan, Granada, Spain
The delegations of Haren Alde of Andalusia, Madrid, Rioja, the Basque Country, Aragon and Navarre have met these last weeks to concretized the development of activities in the new course and have met with the new management team of the NGOD.
19-10-2014 Madrid, Spain
That solidarity and humanitarian actions could be contradictory concepts is unthinkable until now. They are actually complementary. The dictatorship of the media and misinformation in society that deals with the forces of headlines seems to condemn people in a fight that produces real victims. The missionaries are aware of this.
12-10-2014 Madrid, Spain
The Augustinian Recollect´s NGOD, Haren Alde, will organize on the 16 of November “Heart for a Common Cause Day” in unity with The Philippine social causes, to which all members of Augustinian Recollects family and its affiliates are committed to.
25-08-2014 Manila, Philippines
Laura and Itziar , two volunteers from Pamplona (Navarre, Spain) have continued their journey through the Philippines guided by the Augustinian Recollects and the Augustinian Recollect Sisters. There they were able to observe the devastation caused by the typhoons and the struggle by the communities to overcome the adversities.
04-08-2014 Palawan, Philippines
In connection with the movilization that has been carried out by the Augustinian Recollects with the people most affected in The Philippines by diverse natural disasters including earthquakes and one of the worst typhoon ever known, Haiyan, the NGOD Haren Alde sent two volunteers to work in the field.
12-03-2014 Leyte, Philippines
The Commission on Social and Ecological Concerns – Recoletos of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno organized the HEARTanonymous.org “Caravan of Solidarity” as a way of continuous response for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in Tacloban from March 9-10, 2014.
07-03-2014 Manila, Philippines
The Augustinian Recollects in Philippines have published these reflections after more than three months of the chaos made by Haynan typhoon and the consequent aid tide. Actually they are reporting the opportunism of many “vultures” appearing in the region and the inaction of the Government, that has forgotten the real victims, people.
11-11-2013 Manila, Philippines
The Augustinian Recollects in the Philippines, with the help of the whole Order, are making a great effort in the emergency work in the central part of the country which, after having been ravaged by an earthquake, suffered a supertyphoon whose dead victims are numbered by the thousands along several miles, and still counting.
16-03-2012 Seville, Spain
The project has a budget of 4,927.97 euros destined for the refurbishing and the refurnishing of the Physical Therapy ward and the rooms of the residents and was presented to the Sorority of Our Lady of Sorrow of Cerro Aguila (Seville) through the Haren Alde of Andalusia.
22-02-2012 Marajo, Para, Brazil
Jose Luis Azcona, an Augustinian-Recollect ,has been twenty years in the mission of the Island of Marajo (Brazil) in the mouth of the Amazon river and twenty years as a bishop. His posture in the defense of the perils- “With the grace of God”- a frequent expression of his-he has been able to face.
15-02-2012 Rome, Italy
The prior general of the Augustinian Recollects Order, the titular home of the NGOd Haren Alde, pointed out during a long interview the importance of the missions, social projects and the presence of the religious in the most difficult places as the foutain of renewal and internal revitalization.
23-09-2011 Kamabai (Sierra Leone)
Two volunteer doctors from Madrid in Kamabai arrived in the village of Bumban and alter visiting the place, they started to attend to the people in need of medical attention. In a twinkling a multitude surrounded us and everyone asked to be attended to without having any thought whether there was urgency or gravity in their cases. An experience difficult to assimilate.
19-09-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
Two volunteer doctors in Kamabai narrate in their blog the day to day vicissitudes in a very different and strange culture. The methods of acquiring more things than the people have, can be surprising especially when it involves something like health in cases of life and death.
09-09-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
“It´s 9:30 and soon bound for Spain we will be getting into the car. The time go fast when one as happy as we do. It´s like childhood holidays; summertime flies. Now, time to go back to school (so to speak)....
07-09-2011 Cameta, Para, Brazil
This farm is part of a generation of productive community-Tem Tem Cametá Township, in the Brazilian state of Pará. After the excavation of the ponds, the beneficiaries have already received training and the first fat fry at a very satisfactory pace.
05-09-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
“it´s in this environemtn that, without realizing, you come across sentiments that conform to the spirituality that daily inspires the community. Every member lives this spirituality in his or her own unique personal way.. Ours has been to feel that our work and effort has a clear sense and reason that could be perceived in their smiles that are forever registered in our minds.

02-09-2011 Madrid, Spain
The presence of almost 600 young people of the JAR group (The Augustinian- Recollects Youths) from all over the world and more than 30 religious of the Augustinian Recollects Order had the opportunity to show the Order´s social commitment through the NGOd Haren Alde.
31-08-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
“It can seem that the reason that 80% of those beneficiaries who don´t send letters is negligence. However, the reality is more tragic. Many are working in the fields, others visiting their families in other cities and the majority, as in the case of Abdulai, can not pay the 1,000 leones that the teachers ask for their passing marks or grades...sort of a bribe
29-08-2011 Chota, Peru
A total of 1,600 families of 15 localities situated in two districts of the province of Chota, district of Cajamarca, Peru can now count on nine installations in their houses, if the latter permit (such innovations)
26-08-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
How would a European woman observe and compare her life with that of the women who surround them day after day in Sierra Leone? The moving narrative would help explain why many of the social projects of Haren Alde in this African country are on the look-out for help for women.

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