Unidos con Venezuela: tu ayuda es una luz de esperanza

22-08-2017 Rome, Italy
Venezuela, as is known by the international public opinion, is facing a serious crisis in which, in addition to weakening democratic institutions, the fundamental rights of its inhabitants have been severely affected.
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22-08-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
“They need benefactors who are not looking for a good-looking black, but one whose spirit longs only the improvement of the lives of those born here. The work of all who actually collaborate in this activity is admirable. The result is that hundreds of children can go to classes and so have the little hope of a life better than what their parents provided for them.”
18-08-2011 Kankintu (Panama)
School materials, food, university logistics, bridges, centers for malnourished children, vocational studies and training and the use of new technologies in education in places with difficult access for such things---these are some of the projects which have been successfully carried out with the help of Haren Alde in the indigenous region of Panama.
16-08-2011 Palmira (Venezuela)
Two volunteers of the sponsorship program of Haren Alde in Palmira, Venezuela describe their feelings when they started collaborating to carry out the objectives of the program, educate, a greater priority than distributing material goods, exercise some influence on the beneficiaries´ surroundings.
11-08-2011 Kamabai (Sierra Leone)
“Here it´s difficult to get out to take a stand and have a good perspective. Doing so you must live with light, water, have a car or two, a flat and some aspirations for a better one and a salary of, at least, 1,000 times more that Mussa´s.
07-08-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
Juan Antonio Jorde and Alegria Garcia in their blog: their visits to the Augustinian Recollects mission in Kamabai and their finishing the task of putting order in the medicine stock room and their getting to know the hard experience of a Spanish worker in the multinational firm African Minerals.
05-08-2011 Guaraciaba do Norte (Ceará, Brazil)
The support came by way of funding to a total amount of 21,365,023 euros. This will permit the construction of 19 houses which will help many families avoid the “Chagas Illness” caused by their miserable living conditions.
03-08-2011 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
Two Burgos( Spain) volunteers in Sierra Leona with family links and collaborating with the group Kamabai-Parquesol of Valladolid (Spain) in order to support the Augustinian Recollects mission in Africa, publish in their blog their experiences, personal day-to-day encounters and impressions.
01-08-2011 Madrid, Spain
In a 20-page document Haren Alde would like to make known to the members, sponsors, collaborators, volunteers, financiers and friends the works realized during the past year, as well as the results obtained and the challenges for the immediate future.
30-07-2011 Monachil (Granada, Spain)
Nineteen young Augustinian Recollects who are preparing in Monachil (Granada,Spain) for a brief solemn profession and for their formally joining the Augustinian Recollects Order received Haren Alde in order to know this NGO-D organization closely.
26-07-2011 Palmira, Venezuela.
After a thorough control on the academic results of the present course, the scholars receive a coupon with which they will receive from the local bookshop the books and materials to get on with their school tasks and improve their living conditions so that they can have better opportunities getting into society.
22-07-2011 Kamabai (Sierra Leone)
In his declarations in the “Diario de Navarra” (Navarre Daily) with the motive of the San Fermin Fiesta in Pamplona,Spain, the Augustinian Recollect Jose Luis Garayoa reminds us that the social injustice in Africa can not call for party celebrations.
22-06-2011 Kamabai (Sierra Leone)
The stories of Sierra Leone don’t always have a happy ending. But when the will and the kindness of the people are joined together, even in the most difficult world it is possible to provide continuity and dignity to the life of the most vulnerable: the babies. This is one of the happiest stories of the Sierra Leone Augustinian Recollects.
17-06-2011 Kamalo (Sierra Leone)
In virtue of the agreement 84,637 euros has been granted for the project “Agricultural and Economic Development in the Tribal Region of Sanda Loko in Sierra Leone,” managed by this entity in collaboration with the Augustinian Recollects community in Kamalo, Sierra Leone.
15-06-2011 Madrid (Spain)
4th of June Haren Alde celebrated a General Assembly during which the participants received ample information about the situation of the NGOD at its present state and especially about the program initiated to adapt to its structure and functions in a new era.
03-06-2011 El Paso (United States)
Maria Pando a volunteer from the United Status that has spent three months in the Mission of the Augustinian Recollects in Kamabai (Sierra Leone) working specially in the training of the teachers and the manage of the schools. Her last letter to their friends is just like a song to solidarity.
30-05-2011 Granada, Spain
The Andalucia’s delegation of Haren Alde in Granada, has done multiple communication campaigns, and also provided some services that have become a mass phenomenon.
20-05-2011 Laguna de Duero (Valladolid, Spain)
Eight volunteers among the delegates of Haren Alde in Castilla y Leon region were present in Our Lady of the Assumption Parish near the Laguna district to awaken some social awareness among the people influencing them into helping the Centro Esperanza de Pauní en theBrazilian Amazon.
11-05-2011 Belem do Para (Brazil)
This program generated series of activities of educational and social support raised resources that would enable to reach a great number of people around the area being sponsored. The tasks carried out in Belem do Pará (Brazil) included activities related to education, health, leisure, work and relationship with public administrations.
03-05-2011 Valladolid (Spain)
The Augustinian Recollects mission in Sierra Leone will receive this year three containers of humanitarian aids and materials destined for social projects. This 2011 aid is three times the usual quantity that has been received for the last many years sent with the participation of the St. Augustine School of Valladolid and the representatives of Haren Alde of Castilla y Leon.
29-04-2011 Granada (Spain)
10 April more than 2,000 people participated in the 2011 edition of a popular solidarity race –a constant in the sports and solidarity calendar of Granada. The amount raised was destined for some projects in Brazil and Japan.

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