Unidos con Venezuela: tu ayuda es una luz de esperanza

22-08-2017 Rome, Italy
Venezuela, as is known by the international public opinion, is facing a serious crisis in which, in addition to weakening democratic institutions, the fundamental rights of its inhabitants have been severely affected.
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From the 4th to the 8th of April, 2011 the Castilla y Leon delegation of the NGO Haren Alde has carried out a special campaign to raise motivation and awareness toward solidarity and cooperation in the Saint Augustine School of Valladolid, an educational center for pre-kindergaten, primary and secondary levels of the Augustinian Recollects in the Castilla-Leon capital.
14-04-2011 Kamabai (Sierra Leone)
The village of Kamabengbeh is one of those visited by the YGDA Association for the promotion of gender equal rights and rights of infants with the support of Haren Alde and the regional Community of Madrid.
13-12-2010 Granada, Spain
This year the money raised will be for the enlargement of a health center in Marajó, Brazil
10-12-2010 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
The NGOD Haren Alde has been in charge of the formulation and the presentation of the Project Pikines 111: Generation of new opportunities of rural development through the reinforcement of education in Biriwa, Sierra Leone in which a total of 221,141euros will be invested.
10-12-2010 Palmira, Venezuela
The sponsored children sang and danced to celebrate Christmas and enjoyed a day in a family atmosphere.

07-12-2010 Spain
During the months of November and December the president of Haren Alde, Manuel Fernandez travelled to meet the delegation of the NGOd situated in: Valladolid, the Basque Country, La Rioja, Navarre, Granada and Zaragoza to deal with some subjects related to the structure of the association and the presentation of the new campaign of (social and solidarity) awareness
21-11-2010 Valladolid, Spain
The objective of this event was to raise some funds for the project “Pinkines 11” that Haren Alde has in Sierra Leone
14-10-2010 Monachil, Spain
The president of Haren Alde participated in the General Chapter of the Augustinian Recollect Order that took place at Monachil (Granada, Spain), where he proposed a plan containing improvements for the institution that he presides.
04-10-2010 Guadalajara, Spain
With the slogan: “The South innovates initiatives for human development,”the Spanish city of Guadalajara celebrated last 30th of September to 3rd of October a broad program of training and awareness with the presence of more than 40 information centers, among which was that of Haren Alde.
01-10-2010 Samagola, Rep. Dominicana
Three Spanish collaborators in the gynecological health area accomplished a total of eleven operational organizations in diverse communities assisted by Augustinian Recollects in this Caribbean country during three weeks in August and September.
29-09-2010 Kankintú, Panamá.
Letter by Alicia Diaz-Guerra about the projects of Haren Alde and the Augustinian Recollects in Panama.
28-08-2010 Palmira, Venezuela.
The workers responsible for the NGO Haren Alde visit the homes of the children being sponsored.
25-08-2010 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
The Association YGDA with the support of the Augustinian Recollects, is carrying out a study to determine the causes, consequences and effects of high rate of teenage pregnancies in the region of Biriwa, in Sierra Leone. Second Part
24-08-2010 Rioja, Spain
21-08-2010 Kamabai, Sierra Leone
The association, YGDA, with the support of the Augustinian Recollects, is carrying out a study to determine the causes, consequences and effects of a high number of teenage pregnancies in the region of Biriwa, Sierra Leone. First part
20-07-2010 Palmira, Venezuela
The second distribution of school materials to children being sponsored
06-07-2010 Granada, Spain
25-04-2010 Granada, Spain
20-04-2010 Granada,Spain
More than 1,800 runners met in this 4th Memorial Race
17-04-2010 Donostia, Spain
Last Saturday 17th April was a great day for us from Donostia. After many weeks of preparing raffle tickets, gathering gifts, organizing games and looking for materials, the “Solidarity Saturday” finally started

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