- Projects of cooperation development

Thanks to this three-prong collaboration, Haren Alde has achieved in carrying out actions that have provided more dignified lives. Of these deeds, among others, are as follow:

Agua para Chota
Project for the improvement of the potable water system in Chota, Peru.

Haren Alde, searching for employment opportunities and woman promotion. Dressmaking workshop in Bacolod, De Negros island (Philippines).

Educación en Sierra Leona
Escolares de Sierra Leona.

Health is one of the priorities of Haren Alde.

Haren Alde reach the farthest places in the Amazonian River.
- Water and sanitary supply
Many people have seen that their access to drinking water has been guaranteed, in quantity and quality sufficient to cover their needs. Along with these supply systems, the following courses have been offered: training in the management of hydro-resources, environmental protection, awareness of the preventive hygienic practice and the use of sanitary latrines to avoid infections and contamination of the surrounding areas.

- Services and social infrastructures
Infrastructures have been constructed for basic social services such as housing, meeting centers, classes and access to culture y leisure, attention centers, community and civic centers for active social participation and dining rooms.

- Professional formation (trade school studies)
Haren Alde has managed not only the construction and preservation of training centers so that young people and adolescents can get into the job market, but also the development of new business and commercial initiatives.

- Formal education
Haren Alde has achieved in bringing into reality the rights of children to free, high quality, basic education and through the strengthening of public systems and the civil society organizations. It has constructed and furnished public and private education centers that fulfil the legal specifications and permits proper to every country and is always in search for educational excellence.

- Management of catastrophes and emergencies
Haren Alde has organized from its very beginning programs for humanitarian aids for emergency situations in the phases of prevention preparation, mitigation, rehabilitation and reconstructions of affected populations.

- Health
It is one of the most precious possessions (assets) of everyone. Many projects have established conditions to improve the health of populations, especially those in the worst situations of poverty and vulnerability. Basic health centers have been constructed and furnished, sanitary technology and materials have been provided and professional volunteers have been organized in areas not attended to by local administrations.

- Communications and new technologies
Areas of serious geographical and social isolation have received massive means of communications, computer equipments, and training in new technologies to mitigate the exclusion they suffer.

- Productive economy
It has managed projects of agricultural and industrial development for the economic, equitable, sustainable growth respectful of the environment. It is in search of a generation of economic business framework targeted for deprived areas in its fight against corruption, poverty, social inequality and lack of opportunities

- Transport and storage
Diverse projects have realized the opening of canals, roads and bridges in isolated communities for the exchange of foodstuff and basic products. Likewise, it has sponsored the development of local markets and the access of the people to social and elemental services non-existent in the places where they live.

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