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Haren Alde has seen in its sponsorship undertakings one of the most direct forms of uniting the citizens of  developed world with children who long for better lives in developing countries.

In its long experience in this area, Haren Alde has contributed, on the one side, in fulfilling with more efficacy the desire by many committed and cooperative people and, on the other side, allowing many young people, in accord with their own education, achieve a more dignified future.

Sponsored children in a community of the Breves Parish, Marajo Island (Brazil).
The sponsorship programs work with a system management that tries to be quick, sure and efficient. The data of benefactors, beneficiaries and the economic situation of the sponsorship program are kept in the central office of the organization.

Haren Alde has established a series of requisites to help in the choice among any of the different programs of sponsorship, like diverse types of help that fit better in developing areas: for example, scholarships, personal sponsorship, support for a system of education in general and especial cases.

El sponsor can maintain a direct relation with the beneficiary and choose the manner of payment which one considers more appropriate.

There are two general programs of sponsorship managed by Haren Alde: the project “Star” and the project “A child in school.”

Project “Star”
One of the sponsored in Changuinola, Bocas del Toro (Panama).
It has as its objective to assure the basic maintenance of a child until he/she reaches 16 years old. With a contribution of 15euros a month, the beneficiary can cover his/her basic necessities: health care, food, education and clothing.

A person in charge of an Haren Alde area provides information of the real situation of the beneficiary and his/her family and guarantees that the resources are used for the purpose for which they have been destined. The liaison chooses the best form of distributing the resources intended to buy books, clothes and food.

There are 2,196 children sponsored under this category.

Project “A child in school”
A young girl from the H.A. project. Child in the Kakintu School, Bocas del Toro (Panama).
It has as its objective assure the education of the beneficiary from his/her enrolment in school until he/she finishes the secondary education( high school in The United States). With a donation of 15euros a month, the school fees, uniforms, school and transport materials are guaranteed.

In this case in order to avoid inequality and assure the education of all the children in a concrete area, the resources are channelled through the education center of the child. The institution provides information about the progress of the child to the benefactor.

There are 259 children sponsored under this category.

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