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Haren Alde
is a non-governmental organization for development(NGOd) born in the bosom of the Augustinian Recollects, a Roman Catholic religious order that has realized great, profound social works all along the centuries through its missionary activity.

Haren Alde is also one of the resources to fulfil some of the main objectives of the Augustinian Recollects Order: to promote human rights, solidarity, social justice, equal opportunities, sustainable development, the achievement of the objectives of the millennium proclaimed by the United Nations, values all of which are included in what the Catholic community has called throughout the centuries “love of neighbors.”

The Augustinian Recollects Order, from its very beginning, has promoted these values. What has changed along the length of history is the means and the forms adapted gradually to the ways and customs of the different social groups the Recollect friars have worked in.

Since the end of the 20th century and consistent with the practice of the Roman Catholic Church in general, the collaboration of the laity and society has brought about the creation of new structures to unify in the same objectives people from different origins, cultures, beliefs and sensibilities: that everyone would live according to the dignity that one has received from God.

That´s why, although Haren Alde is a social instrument of a Roman Catholic order, it is open to all kinds of people and public and private institutions in order to achieve common objectives through common actions. These actions of Haren Alde does not imply any type of discrimination for reason of religion, neither are they proselytizing activities. They are carried out in many countries and cultures, and the beneficiaries are, in many cases, people of different religions and beliefs distinct from Catholic ones.

The institutions with whom we collaborate are public and private, and the criteria of cooperation are based on the demands of quality, transparency and efficiency and on no other types of ideas political, religious nor of economics.

In the following sections we define what have pushed us to work for social justice from the solidarity outlook with the greatest possible collaborators (co-operators) and on the search for permanent coalition of the willing:

- identity

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Haren Alde en sus actividades de concienciación y reuniones de coordinación tanto de proyectos como de gestión interna.
Haren Alde is an NGOd (d for development) legally recognized, that fulfils all the norms considered in the juridical code of Spain and the European Union for this type of institutions.

Through Haren Alde, the Augustinian Recollects Order manifests to society its commitment to human rights, social justice, peace, cultural initiative, sustainable development and education as key factors in the development of every person.

- Mission
The mission of Haren Alde is to offer programing, management and auditing of social works that the Augustinian Recollects Order and the institutions born in its bosom and those related to them carry out, in the order of its efficacy, transparency and efficiency in the use of human and economic resources.

To fulfil this mission, Haren Alde counts on:

Escuela Colombia
School students in Barranquilla, Atlantic cost (Colombia).
- A network of collaborators (co-operators) extending to 21 countries, with more than 200 potential seats (central offices) .

- The presence of counterparts in the areas of development that are stable in time (that is, in its present situation), recognized experts of the societies they are in, and considered trusted and responsible.

- A founding institution committed to social projects involving the NGOd.

- A prestige identified with diverse private and public co-financiers of projects.

- A simple and clear structure whose functions need little means and that add no substantial operative costs.

- Values
Certain universal values exist and last for long, although they may change names. The Augustinian Recollects since its birth in the XVI century and even from its remote origin in the Augustinian family and in the very figure of St. Augustine in the 14th century, have promoted these values, although through time, they might have been called by different manners. The love of neighbors, Christian charity, the search for truth and the dignity of every person are now called human rights, objectives of the millennium, solidarity, equal rights of opportunities and of education.

Haren Alde missionary team of volunteers in Cameta, Brazil.
What the Order has promoted during the centuries in monasteries and missions through its own structure and actions, are now realized with society in general, in search for dialogue and transparency.

The Augustinian Recollects, through Haren Alde, reach out to people of good will, public and private institutions, public administrations and private firms to offer its work structures, its presence in developing countries, its knowledge of the area and of the people, its disinterested dedication to this work and its experience in everyday human dealings and contacts with future beneficiaries of the projects.

The principal values that Haren Alde contributes to this common task are:

Garayoa. Acto solidario con Sierra Leona.
Act of solidarity in the Valladolid Saint Augustine School, published in a local newspaper.

Río de Janeiro
Volunteers in Rio de Janeiro.
- An NGOd characterized by its efficacy in services and aids that it lends to its sphere of influence like education, sanitation, infrastructures, gender (women in great consideration) empowerment and equality of opportunities.

- A NGOd recognized for its honesty, responsibility and transparency endorsed by many collaborators and co-financiers that have put their trust in us.

- An NGOd that guarantees personal and professional development, equality and the reconciliation of family life to labor (employment).

- An NGOd that preserves its heritage and develops its projects with the criteria of sustainability, integration of peoples, and respect for cultures.

- An NGOd committed to its environmental issues, economic, social, historical, cultural milieu and incorporates in its program the principles of social and corporate responsibility.

- An NGOd considered an exemplary reference, integrated, intercultural, open to all, and with a national and international projection implanted in 21 countries in four continents.

- An NGOd that can count on the experiences of generations of missionaries, both men and women, dedicated wholly to the peoples they were sent to without expecting anything in exchange, conscious that that was---and still is---its life project and its way to personal and social fulfilment.

- Charisma
Haren Alde translates charisma or way of being proper to the founding institution, the Augustinian Recollects, into a language of development. We can establish a parallelism among each of the three principal aspects of Augustinian Recollects charisma and its specification in Haren Alde:

Promoción de la mujer
Informatics and electronic workshop in Saint Judas Thaddeus, Guatemala.

Escuela de Kamabai
Construction of the Kamabai High School, Sierra Leone.
- Inwardness: the Augustinian Recollects Order promotes in its members an interior search through contemplation and prayer. Haren Alde creates in every person, benefactor and beneficiary, one´s own capacity to work for a better world, starting with self-confidence to his/her own personal realization.

- Science: the Augustinian Recollects Order promotes the search for wisdom through studies and knowledge of the God and the world. Haren Alde believes in education as principal arm against poverty, injustice, exploita- tion of human beings, the lack of opportunities and underdevelopment. that´s why it promotes actions that always take into consideration a person´s growth in knowledge, values, aptitudes and attitudes.

- Community: the Augustinian Recollects Order promotes life in a commu- nity as the best way to personal growth. Haren Alde likes to get away from self-centered contemplation and self-satisfied complacency, but prefers to unite its efforts to those of other persons and institutions because it knows that collaborating with them is a guarantee for success in all projects; and does not permit that the beneficiaries be mere spectators in the projects, but also that they be heard and implicated in the actions channelled to one´s own development.

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